Mind Your Hormones

269. [PREGNANCY] Questions to ask your pediatrician before you choose one!

April 07, 2023 Corinne Angelica
Mind Your Hormones
269. [PREGNANCY] Questions to ask your pediatrician before you choose one!
Show Notes

If you're currently pregnant or hope to be one day, this episode is for you! We recently interviewed a pediatrician before we chose her & I wanted to share with you the questions we asked her to make sure she was  in alignment with our family values & what's important to us when we raise our future baby. Can't wait to hear your feedback & some questions it maybe sparked for you to ask!

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Questions to ask your pediatrician before choosing one: 

  • What’s your policy on vaccines? Do you require all of your patients to be vaccinated?
    • If you are choosing to vaccinate your child but want an alternate schedule you could also ask- do you provide an alternate vaccine schedule? What does it look like?
  • What’s your policy on antibiotics? Do you have natural remedies/suggestions that you recommend first/when appropriate? 
  • Do you have any alternative suggestions to the Vitamin K shot?
  • Do you have a separate waiting room for when kids are sick vs. coming in for a well visit?
  • Is it difficult to get an appointment/what’s your case load like?
  • What are your office hours?
  • What is the contact protocol after hours?
  • Who is on call after hours? A doctor? A nurse?
  • What hospital is the office or Dr. Associated with?
  • When do we bring the baby in after leaving the hospital?
  • What’s your view on breastfeeding? Pacifiers? Introducing bottles? Nipple confusion? (I wanted to make sure she could support me during the breast feeding journey in addition to a lactation consultant)

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