Mind Your Hormones

67. Why supplementing with Vitamin D3 is CRUCIAL!

May 07, 2021 Corinne Angelica
Mind Your Hormones
67. Why supplementing with Vitamin D3 is CRUCIAL!
Show Notes

I cannot WAIT for you to hear today's episode! I think this may be one of the most important topics I've ever talked about on the show.

Today we're getting into the science & research around VITAMIN D3 & how it SIGNIFICANTLY reduces your chances of getting Covid 19. (& of course, I also go into the benefits Vitamin D3 has on your hormones).

  • 65-95% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin d.
  • D3 is a master hormone needed for hundreds of functions in the body.
  • We are especially low in this micronutrient because of the lack of sunshine we get without sunscreen.
    • We do NOT absorb vitamin d with sunscreen on!
  • This micronutrient regulates insulin levels which stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • It has also been linked to dopamine production & serotonin levels which increase mood.


Women with higher vitamin D3 levels are 4x MORE LIKELY to conceive via IVF than women with low levels (2012 issue of Human Reproduction- In the FLO by Alisa Vitti)


93% of women struggling with infertility have below normal levels of vitamin D3 (IN THE FLO)

  • Low levels are known to cause estrogen dominance which is the primary imbalance for most hormonal issues.
  • Low levels are also associated with depression


The following information is from the  Podcast COVEXIT. Specifically the episode:  Let's Talk About Vitamin D3 with Dr. Henry Ealy


  • 191,779 enrolled patients
  • people who have a Vitamin D status nanograms/ml in USA of 55 nanograms/ml in the blood are 50% less likely to contract Sars Cov 2 (Covid 19).
  • this study holds across all races, ethnicities, genders & age ranges
  • over 65 and with multiple co morbidities- this info works for them as well
  • people who are deficient were twice as likely to be susceptible of infections


Studies have shown that Vitamin D isn’t effective & that’s because they’re not dosing it correctly. A single high dose of vitamin d doesn’t work when they have moderate to severe covid.


You must take a synergistic approach. Dosing every day- in therapeutic range, not a maintenance range. Enough in the blood stream for immune system to do it’s job.



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So grateful you’re here! XO Corinne