Mind Your Hormones

5. [Q&A] SIGNS of OVULATION, cycle PHASES, BEST types of EXERCISE, how to identify an IRREGULAR period.

September 15, 2020 Corinne Angelica
Mind Your Hormones
5. [Q&A] SIGNS of OVULATION, cycle PHASES, BEST types of EXERCISE, how to identify an IRREGULAR period.
Show Notes

Today I'm answering 4 AMAZING questions straight from YOU in the community!


1. MARTHA: How do you naturally check for ovulation? What are the physical signs?


*Bleeding is not a sign of ovulation because your follicles (small sac of fluid) still make estrogen as they grow and try to ovulate and eventually that uterine lining will have to shed.

OVULATION is when one of your follicles will grow big enough, is stimulated by LH & finally ruptures & releases an egg.


  1. Egg white consistency, stretchy, stays wet & happens BEFORE OVULATION but can occur anytime estrogen levels are high
  2. Basal Body Temperature (waking temp) will SPIKE after ovulation (progesterone raises your temp) & stays high until you get your period about 10-14 days later. Before ovulation your average temperature is about 97-97.7 and will increase about .5 degrees after ovulation.
  3. Mid luteal blood test to show higher levels of progesterone

2. SAM: What do you mean when you say cycle phases?



  • hormones are low but estrogen, testosterone and FSH (A pituitary hormone that stimulates ovarian follicles to grow)are slowly increasing & stimulating your follicles to make estrogen


  • the rise in FSH stimulates the hormones to release an egg
  • Estrogen continues to rise to thicken the lining


  • Progesterone rises. Progesterone counterbalances estrogen- yin to yang. Progesterone thins uterine lining & estrogen thickens it.
  • BENEFITS: reduces inflammation, builds muscle, promotes sleep, protects against heart disease, calms nervous system, supports metabolism, thyroid, skin & hair health.


  • hormones decline quickly to their lowest levels 

1st half of cycle (follicular &  ovulation) you have more energy than 2nd half (Luteal and menstruation)

3. CASSIE: Are slow exercises beneficial or do you need to do intense workouts to make an impact?

  • If you’re in the early stages of managing your PCOS or healing your hormonal imbalances, it’s important to keep your workouts to no more than 30 minutes. The time limitation will prevent excess cortisol production and adrenal fatigue.
  • When you get your heart pumping your body burns glucose in your bloodstream for energy. The supply only lasts about 30 minutes. After that your body turns to your adrenal glands which start pumping out the stress hormone cortisol which converts stored fat into usable glucose so you have the energy to continue working out.

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