MIND your hormones

[PERIOD HEALTH] What's happening when your period is late but you're not pregnant?!

August 03, 2021 Corinne Angelica Episode 92
MIND your hormones
[PERIOD HEALTH] What's happening when your period is late but you're not pregnant?!
Show Notes

Has your period ever been late but you have no idea why? While there are many factors that go into it, today we're chatting about 2 of them: stress & travel.

Details from today's show!

  • Stress raises cortisol levels and disrupts your blood sugar which, in turn, disrupts your ovulation and period.
  • The stress hormone cortisol blocks progesterone production and lowers progesterone levels.
    • This messes with your cycle by lengthening your luteal phase and makes your periods start of slow, with a lot of brown spotting and brown blood before your regular flow. 
  • If you experience stress around the time you typically ovulate, the increased levels of cortisol can delay or even prevent ovulation.
  • Intense stress can cause anovulatory cycles, or months when you don’t ovulate at all.
  • Reference: https://www.floliving.com/stress-and-hormones/

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